eTA Canada Application form and Canada Tourist Visa

What Is eTA Canada And Canada Tourist Visa?

Canada is a wonderful country this is why people from whole over the world travel there. Students, tourists, businessmen and people of different nations come to this country. Entering Canada requires an eTA and Canada Tourist Visa. This article will tell you what eTA Canada is and what Canada Tourist Visa is.



eTA Canada

eTA means Electronic Travel Authorisation. It is necessary for people from other countries who want to come to Canada and free from visa requirements to get eTA. It has validity period of five years or till your passport expires. The traveller’s passport connects the eTA electronically. Your new passport will need a new eTA. An eTA that is valid allows you to stay in Canada for 6 months and it is not necessary for your travels inside the country. There is no guarantee of entering Canada with an eTA. This is because the officials in the border services will demand documents like the Green Card including your passport. The officer will confirm your eligibility.



Who is eTA Canada for?

  • People from other countries who are visa-exempt. These people need that to pass through an airport in Canada. It is for travelers by air only and not for any other means.
  • Residents of the United States who are legally permanent will have to get an eTA to pass through an airport. They will show a valid passport with a green card when they check in.

Other eligibility for eTA

  • Citizens from certain countries can go for an eTA in place of visa for flights to Canada. Nevertheless, these travelers will have to get a visitor visa if they are traveling by another means.

Who is not eligible for eTA Canada?

Canadian citizens and permanent residents including former residents don’t need eTA. US citizens don’t need an eTA.

How can you apply for eTA Canada?

You can apply for eTA in the official website of the Canadian government or you can use our services to get great support and assistance during the whole process. Approval can take some days especially if there is a need for some extra checks and documents. Be careful and accurate when entering the details into the application form.



Canada Tourist Visa

Canada Tourist Visa is the visa that allows tourists to visit Canada with the aim of leisure or tourism. Another name for this visa is the Temporary Resident Visa (TVR) and the visitor visa. This tourist visa lasts for up to 6 months. The 2 categories of this visa are the multi and single entry visa. Each of the visas is valid for a particular period and you cannot use them when they expire. The single entry visa lets the holder of the visa go to Canada only once. When this person leaves Canada he will need a visa again unless he/she went to the United States including Miquelon and St Pierre. A multi-entry visa lets visitors travel in and out of Canada for 6 months without the need to reapply again. This visa is valid for about 10 years or a month before the passport of the holder of the visa expires.

Who is eligible for the Canada Tourist Visa?

  • Have the resources to pay for this expenses
  • Have a passport that is valid

Have accommodation outside of Canada for you to return home

  • Be healthy
  • Have a passport that is valid
  • Stay in Canada for sometime
  • Leave Canada after visiting
  • No record of crime
  • No intention to work in Canada
  • Pose no security threat
  • Abide the rule of law
  • Undergo necessary medical exams



Application for Canada Tourist Visa

Go to the website of the and apply online. Go with access to a credit card and scanner. A camera can serve too for making electronic copies of these documents.

  • Fill the application form well
  • Pay the fee for processing using
  • Submit your form

Extending your Canada Tourist Visa

You can extend your Canada tourist visa and the application is 30 days before the visa expires.
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Fees for Canada Tourist Visa

  • Fee of CAD 100 for multiple entry
  • Fee of CAD 100 for single entry
  • Fee of CAD 100 for tourist visa extension

There is no refund after payment if they refuse the application. Some citizens from certain countries can travel to Canada without the use of visa.



What are the dos and don’ts?

  • Apply few weeks before your travel time
  • Fill in details that are correct
  • Get some forms and documents for submission
  • Do not use false documents
Canada Tourist Visa - Application form
Canada Tourist Visa – Application form